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In the Media | Build Australia - Worx Safety Management Software spearheads SMEs’ safety compliance

In the Media | Build Australia - Worx Safety Management Software spearheads SMEs’ safety compliance

Worx Safety recently featured in the Build Australia (6 October, 2023) publication, reporting on the long overdue digital transformation of safety compliance in the Australian construction industry.

Worx Safety Management Software, provider of safety management solutions tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), is the driving force behind a long overdue transformation in safety compliance processes in the Australian construction industry.

The construction sector plays a vital role in Australia’s economy and ensuring the safety and well-being of workers is paramount. With total construction work done rising to $57,686.5 million (1.8% increase) and engineering work increasing to $27,065 million (5.3%), there is an urgent need for streamlined software that marries compliance with efficiency, removing paperwork and ensuring access to real-time safety information, all the time.

Worx Safety Management Software is the brainchild of three seasoned SME professionals with over 60 years’ collective experience running their own businesses across engineering, building and design sectors. Created with SMEs operating in the construction industry at the forefront of their minds, Worx Safety Management Software offers the following functionality with data security standards similar to Dropbox and Mailchimp:

  • Capturing and tracking validity of licences and insurances whilst receiving automated notifications of upcoming renewal dates
  • Site check-in access by tracking everyone who checks in and out of your premises or project site using a QR code on the construction site sign
  • Electronic forms accessible from mobiles, tablets or laptops, enabling the disposal of paperwork on site, and in Utes
  • Site diary for the tracking and monitoring of all business assets (tools, machinery, vehicles) using QR code technology
  • Online safety inductions and training with employee and contractor management, including site check-in access, electronic forms and site diary for complete convenience and efficiency.

Co-founder of Worx Safety Management Software and licensed builder, Glen Fitzgerald, says the goal was to develop a user-friendly interface that offers real-time compliance, mobile accessibility, and streamlined safety processes.

“SMEs operating in the construction sector were always top of our minds as we developed a solution that automates the process of generating safety reports and documentation, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors in regulatory submissions.”

Worx Safety Management Software also has a digital Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) portal including a customisable risk matrix, PPE requirements, hierarchy of controls and job steps (potential hazards and control measures).

A client that has discovered multiple benefits using Worx Safety Management Software is Naturform, a licensed building company specialising in landscape construction with offices in Southeast Queensland and Victoria that provides a comprehensive range of urban infrastructure services for landscape, building and civil customers.

Naturform’s IMS/Regional Safety Manager, Sam Ham, discovered Worx Safety Management Software when searching for a modern system to replace their inefficient, paper-based approach: “With Worx Safety Management Software, we found a solution that is easy, user-friendly, and accessible to all our workers. Every document we need is at our fingertips, with time stamps for easy tracking. No longer do our crucial documents get lost midway through a job. Worx Safety has streamlined our safety compliance, allowing us to pull up records instantly during audits.”

“Before Worx Safety, we faced challenges with staff using their phones and struggling with paperwork. Surprisingly, Worx Safety was embraced by both the younger and older members of our team. Daily forms are now consistently signed, leaving little room for non-compliance.”

“In terms of safety incidents, Worx Safety has been a game-changer. It enables us to backtrack and analyse incidents in real time, preventing future occurrences. This not only saves time but also enhances safety compliance.”

Mr Fitzgerald adds the benefits of Worx Safety Digital SWMS include access to many time-saving and accuracy-assured functions: “Worx Safety has built-in templates that can be customised for individual tasks and instantly exported to PDF for emailing, functionality to photograph hazards and controls to implement into a client’s SWMS, and legally binding and secure electronic signatures can be captured on any device. Plus, once saved the user can edit, and have access to all your SWMS on-site via your mobile, tablet or laptop.”

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