Worx Safety

Worx Inductions becomes Worx Safety

Worx Inductions becomes Worx Safety

We've got some exciting news to share with you. As you know, we've been on a journey to make workplace safety as seamless as possible. Over the years, we've expanded our offerings way beyond just inductions. We now provide digital forms, registers, asset management, sign-in technology, and a whole lot more.

So, we thought it was about time our name caught up with our mission. Drumroll, please... ????
We're changing our name from Worx Inductions to Worx Safety!

Why the Change?
We've grown, and so have our services. We're not just about inductions anymore; we're about comprehensive safety solutions. Plus, we've had a few of you ask, "Do you only do inductions?" We don't want to miss out on helping you with all your safety needs just because our name was too specific.

What Do our Current Customers Need to Do?
Absolutely nothing! All your current links, forms, and services will remain the same. It's business as usual, just with a new name.

We're super excited about this new chapter and can't wait to continue providing you with top-notch safety solutions.