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EOFY: SafeWork NSW Offers $1000 Rebate for Safety Items

EOFY: SafeWork NSW Offers $1000 Rebate for Safety Items

The end of the financial year is approaching, and Worx Inductions is providing a chance to make use of a $1000 rebate for a 12-month Worx Safety Package. Additionally, you can benefit from a bonus 20% tax deduction in this fiscal year, resulting in cost savings while prioritizing your team's safety.

Eligibility - Who can apply

  • Individuals with an Australian Business Number (ABN) and fewer than 50 full-time staff members, including small business proprietors and sole traders, are eligible. Additionally, charitable organizations and non-profit entities are also eligible to apply.
  • The application should bear the name of the registered business proprietor, and said proprietor must consent to the terms and conditions.

Who can't apply

  • Businesses that have already received the rebate in the past five years. This includes businesses that have multiple ABNs and have already used one of their ABNs to claim a rebate
  • a co-owner of an ABN where a rebate has already been paid to one owner (you can only use the same ABN once)
  • large businesses that have more than 50 employees
  • business owners that have already received a rebate for the eligible safety item from any Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government
  • subsidiary of a larger business, government departments, councils and voluntary associations.

What your application needs to include

  1. Provide an active ABN to prove you are an eligible business
  2. Proof you completed:
    1. watch a short Webinar online - Complete Now
    2. Inspector Visit - Request Visit
    3. Attend an Eligible Event (field days, presentations, industry events, business forums, workshops)
  3. Submit a provided copy of the Worx Inductions Tax Invoice that includes detailed evidence of the eligible safety items purchased.

Start the application - APPLY NOW
You can verify your eligibility at the beginning of the application process. If you have the necessary documents ready for upload, it should take approximately 10 minutes to complete the application. You have the option to save your progress and return to it later. The application must be in the name of the registered business proprietor and bear their signature.

Review application
SafeWork NSW oversees the administration of this program and will assess your application to ensure it meets the eligibility requirements. Our team may reach out to you for further clarification regarding any supporting documentation.

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