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Using Safety Alert function for Coronavirus Information

Using Safety Alert function for Coronavirus Information

Not to jump on the bandwagon about coronavirus, but I have recently received a large number of emails from different companies that we work with outlining their policy on coronavirus, or some best practises in preventing the spread. 

This is exactly the sort of message that could be transmitted (?) using our safety alert feature. 

If you need to send out information to some or all of your employees and contractors, then you can use the safety alert function to do so. 

Simply create a new alert: 

Add in the text you want to get out there:

Then choose who you want to receive it and hit Send:

Choose reciepients

This message will then be sent to everyone you selected. A bonus is that this will also be automatically logged in the system, and you can see who has read it and who hasn’t. 


Result - your message gets out there, and you have a record of it being seen (or not) by everyone. 


Weekly toolbox talks is another use of this feature. You can send internet links, videos or just some text. 


If you are not already using this feature, it might be a good way to start using this feature by sending out some best practises that your company expects everyone to follow.