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Just ticking the boxes?

Just ticking the boxes?

Current Work Health and Safety Regulations in Australia say that you must have a system in place to highlight the risks associated with your working environment.

A well organised employee induction meets this requirement - so box ticked, right?

Yes, this is one reason to get an induction or safety management system in place at your company. But it’s not the most important, by a long shot.

While many see this exercise as just some more paperwork, there are numerous cases of workers being seriously injured (or worse) because they were not aware of the risks of a job site.

One example here where a NSW worker was killed by a moving train.

From the article:

“A Sydney Trains worker who was fatally hit by a train three years ago was not given a site induction, did not sign a pre-work briefing, and was not shown a copy of a diagram which demonstrated which parts of the work site were safe, court documents reveal.”

A lack of a proper induction was seen as a significant factor in the workers death.

As a business owner myself, I cannot imagine a worse situation to be in.

So, by all means, tick the box and get your inductions and safety management systems implemented and up to date (we can help [internal link??]). But also do it to make sure your guys understand the risks of the work they are doing, so they can go home safe.